How to Perfectly Wear Silver Earrings

How to Perfectly Wear Silver Earrings

Silver earrings have been a classic accessory that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re going on a date, attending a wedding or going to a party, wearing silver earrings perfectly suits any style. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to rock wearing silver earrings.



Choosing Stud or Dangle Earrings

Silver accessories come in different pieces, shapes, and sizes. For earrings, they come in two main types such as dangled and stud.

Dangle Earrings – Dangle earrings gives a spacious sense to your ears and has a wider length compared to stud earrings. It is perfect for those women who love to wrap their hair as it creates an alluring look. There are also various types of them such as chain, hoops and huggie earrings.

Stud Earrings –Stud earrings is a classic style with different types of backs that can be fastened to the earlobe. They are also commonly used since they don’t get easily tangled on the hair and they can be easily accessorized. Wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail can accentuate the beauty of stud earrings.



Choosing Silver Earrings with Stones

If you’re attending a formal gathering, you can skip on choosing plain silver designs and wear earrings with precious stones. You can easily mix and match outfits with silver accessories as it is versatile and goes well with any color. Just be sure to match your outfit with the color of the stones rather than the silver itself. For instance, if you’re wearing a white dress, it is perfect to match a topaz stone during a morning event. If you’re wearing red, the ruby stone would be a perfect combination as it complements the color. In addition, turquoise accentuates anything that is light. Personally, a diamond is a classic staple for any occasion.



Choosing Other Jewelry to Match with Silver Earrings

Together with gold and platinum, silver has been a popular choice as a precious metal. You can easily style any outfit by pairing it with silver jewelry, and not only does it changes your appearance but it also highlights other accessories. It goes along with other silver accessories as well! If you wear a pair of silver earrings, you can match it with a silver necklace, bracelet, and rings.


There’s no rule that says what you can and can’t match with silver pieces. Just choose what you prefer for a look and add confidence! There’s no better way to rock an outfit than being confident with your own style. Follow these simple tips to expand your fashion sense and try something new.